Chair Member: Rev. Dorothy Perkins    Co-Chair: Min. Corey McLaughlin


Prayer is a vital ministry of any church and plays a critical role in the life of New Hope. Prayer is a communication process that allows us to talk directly to God! Whether you are in the need of healing, intercession, reassurance, revival or want to offer up praise, God wants to hear from you.  The Scriptures require us to pray for each other.  If you are in need of prayer and would like to get connected with a group of people dedicated to prayer, simply complete the form below. 


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Special Prayers For Our Members, Friends & Relatives

Recovering (R), Hospital (H), Nursing Home (N)

Mr. Frank Alexander Jr. - Brother of Deacon Pearlene Johnson
Mr. Robert Allen  - Elmira, NY (R) Father of Sis. Robin Allenturner
Ms. Mildred Bacon - Savanna, GA (H), Mother of Joe Young
Ms. Agnes Baker - Danbury, CT, (R) Sister of Sis. Sarah Baskin
Bro. James Bellamy Sr. - (R) Father of James Bellamy
Bro. James Boston - (R)
Mr. Sean Brady
Mr. Spencer Bridges - Brother of Sis. Phyllis Slade
Mrs. Theresa Bridges Sister-in-Law of Sis. P. Slade
Ms. Faye Brooks - Memphis, TN (R) Cousin of Sis. Myrtle Robbs
Mr. Donnie Brown - Danbury, CT - (R) Brother of Sis. Marilyn Spruill
Mrs. Lucille Carr - Harrells, NC (R) Sister of Deaconess Pearl Torian
Sis. Bernice Chance - Danbury, CT (R)
Deacon Wallace & Deaconess Arlene Coles - Waterbury, CT (R)
Rev. Melba Conley - Fayetteville, NY - Sister of Alonzo Scott
Mr. Shelton & Mrs. Ethel Crandell - Robersonville, NC - Parents of Sis. A. Ebron
Mr. Bruce Dillard - Pssomomg. MU - (H) Cousin of Sisters Gail & Debbie Dillard, Deaconess Nancy Knight & Pat Perkins
Ms. Josephine Daughtry - Waterbury, CT - Sis. Norma Taylor
Mr. Richard Garner - (H) Father of Venice Garner
Ms. Eleanor Grice - Ridgefield Crossings, Ridegfield, CT
Sis. Sara Gordon - Danbury, CT (N)
Bro. John Harps - Danbury, CT (R)
Mr. Elmer Harrison - (R) Brother of Sis. Evelyn Stepherson
Mr. Hardwick Jackson - Detroit, MI (N) - Brother of Sis. Francine Shoffner
Ms. Violent Jordon - Bronx, NY (H) - Mother of Sister Barbra Davis
Mr. Mike Kuklish - (H) Father-in-Law of Robin Allen Turner
Ms. Delored McCray - Danbury, CT (H)
Mr. Edward Moffett - Jacksonville, NC - Brother of Lucille Taylor
Mr. Robert Monroe - Danbury, CT (R) - Brother of Sister Pat Monroe
Bro. Luther Mourning - (R)
Mr. Denzil Muschett - Danbury, CT (R)
Mrs. Albreatha Murray - Savannah, GA (R) Aunt of Sis. Katie Holmes
Sis. Earlene Perkins - Greenville, NC - Sister of Deacon Liz Ward
Sis. Hattie Person - Danbury, CT (R)
Sis. Sandra Preston - Deltona, FL (R) - Sister-in-Law of Jean Stith
Sis. Ruth Poole - FL
Ms. Kimberly Porter - Stamford, CT (H) - Sister of Sis. Sharon Hall
Bro. Dermont Randall - (R)
Mrs. Bessie Simpson - Brooklyn, NY (R) - Aunt of Deaconess Ruth Jones
Rev. Lessie Sisusi - (R)
Ms. Genoria Smith - Reform, AL (R) - Sister of Deacon Martin and Sis. Ommie Moffett
Sis. Edna Sprueill - Danbury, CT (R)
Bro William Spruill - Danbury, CT - Father of Sis. Judy Spruill
Ms. Amanda Thomas
Mr. Moses Torian - Mamaroneck, NY (N) - Brother of Deacon Edward Torian
Sis. Mary Tyson - Danbury, CT (N)
Ms. Betty White - Douglas, GA (N) - Sister-in-Law of Ommie Moffett
Ms. Celestine Willis - Memphis, TN (R) - Mother of Myrtle Robbs
Ms. Dianne Wilson - Danbury, CT (R) - Co Worker of Sis. Deborah Cowan

Church Office Hours

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Tues. 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wed. 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Thurs. 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Fri. 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
10 Dr. Aaron B. Samuels Boulevard
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FAX:  203-794-0616


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